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Our Commercial Services

Your business relies on its roof in order to protect inventory, customers, and employees. When something compromises the integrity of your office’s roof, your entire facility could be at risk. Don’t risk having to pay thousands in repairs; instead, contact Xpress Roofing & Construction for your commercial roofing needs. We are prepared to handle the issue, no matter how big or small. If the roof demands a minor repair, we can get it patched for you quickly and help avoid further damage by ensuing storms. Should your commercial roof be nearing the end of its life, we will discuss your options with you. No matter what comes your way, our team is ready to help provide you with the expert commercial roofing services that can only be offered by a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor.

There are lots of factors that make your commercial roofing job unique and wholly different than what your average residential roofing team is prepared to handle. From the permit process to meeting stringent building codes to navigating the heavy industrial equipment that lives on your business’ roof, the experienced professionals at Xpress Roofing & Construction have seen it and done it well.

Beyond having the experience you’d expect from a trusted local commercial roofing company, you can also count on Xpress Roofing & Construction to provide honest, transparent communication and incredible customer service during your project — it’s all a part of our commitment to take great care of the people who live in this community with us.


Our Commercial Roofing Services

Regardless of the style, size, or other unique needs of your commercial roofing job, Xpress Roofing & Construction can help. We offer a complete range of services for Albuquerque business owners including:

  • Free Consultations
  • Commercial Roof Replacement
  • Commercial Roof Repair & Maintenance
  • Emergency Roof Repair
  • Storm Damage Repair
  • Hail Damage

We Know Commercial Roofing

As one of Albuquerque’s most trusted and regularly used commercial roofing contractors, Xpress Roofing & Construction knows what materials and practices are best for your commercial roof. Commercial construction is a much different space than residential construction and having a team that understands the difference and knows how to properly build and repair commercial roofing matters. Without it, you’re likely to get poor quality workmanship which can lead to premature roof replacement and makes your roof significantly more prone to water and storm damage.

When you work with Xpress Roofing and Construction, you will never have to worry about a poorly built commercial roof — we are GAF Master Elite certified roofing contractors, and we warranty every roof we build with a five-year workmanship guarantee. So, when get your next commercial roof built by us, you won't have to worry as much about the six most common factors in commercial roof damage.


Why Choose Xpress Roofing & Construction?

We’re not ignorant to the fact that when it comes to selecting a commercial roofing contractor for your next project, northern New Mexico has plenty of options for you to choose from. So why work with the team at Xpress Roofing & Construction? Why not go somewhere else? Well, we’ve got four great reasons for you.

We’re Local Experts

There are plenty of roofing companies in northern New Mexico who operate on a storm chasing or national franchise model. These companies give unbelievable offers, then either make you wait for weeks on end or skip town as soon as a few jobs are done. Furthermore, you can’t always trust them to have your best interests in mind and to use the best materials and techniques available.

Xpress Roofing & Construction is a local business just like you are. We care about economic success and the well being of our fellow business owners, so we always put your needs first through an honest consultation, a transparent permit and building process, and materials and practices that prioritize real value — like durability, reliability, and longevity — over the initial cost of your new commercial roof.

We’re Storm Insurance Specialists

Anyone who lives and works in Albuquerque knows that we have a kind of unique weather. Out summers and winters may not be quite as drastic as our neighbors to the north and southwest, but we still get plenty of sun, heat, snow, and the occasional blizzard. Recently, we’ve experienced some of the worst storms the city has seen in decades.

All of this means that basic commercial roofing solutions just aren’t good enough if you’re interested in avoiding constant fixes and repairs down the road. Our team of professional roofing contractors understands this and will build your commercial roof with the elements in mind.

Furthermore, we’ve learned that business owners are — well — busy. Dealing with the stress and time commitment that it takes to manage your commercial roofing claim from start to finish is a hassle that quite frankly you just don’t have time for. That’s why we have become experts at helping with storm based insurance claims. We can provide guidance, advice, and even work directly with your insurance company once your claim is filed and you’ve asked us to take on the job.

We’re GAF Master Elite Certified

We believe that every person, every business, and every team should strive their hardest to do the best job possible whenever they are given the chance. That core principle of our local business is what led us to work towards achieving one of the highest certifications any roofing company in the United States can receive — the GAF Master Elite certification.

This coveted award is a testament to our everyday dedication to quality craftsmanship for our clients. Combine this national recognition with our commitment to using the best materials and our efforts to provide an elite level of customer service, and you can be confident that you are working with one of the top commercial roofing companies in the country.

We Guarantee Our Workmanship

If a commercial roofing company brags about the quality of the work but won’t back it up with a guarantee, then you shouldn’t do business with them — it’s as simple as that. You’ll never have to worry about that when you choose to do business with Xpress Roofing & Construction. We back up our words with a five-year warranty on every roof we install.

Discover The Xpress Roofing & Construction Difference

Our wide range of services and our commitment to our clients’ satisfaction have made us one of the most sought-after roofing companies in the Albuquerque. We encourage you to experience the difference for yourself and discover your go-to commercial roofing company. Reach out to our team today to schedule your free consultation.


Contact Our Professionals Today

As a business owner, you know how important it is to maintain open and honest communication with your clients. We at Xpress Roofing & Construction believe in proper communication and mutual respect above all else. We’ll always offer a free consultation to get to the source of the problem, then show you the breakdown of the projected cost. No matter what happens while we repair or install your commercial roof, we make sure to inform you every step of the way.