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Even the best roofs can’t last forever.

When your home is in need of roofing repair or replacement, call the Albuquerque roofing company that locals trust — Xpress Roofing & Construction. We know that even a small leak can lead to thousands in damages, and our aim is to help you save as much money as possible while still getting a roof that will last for years to come. With that said, after a storm or leak emergency, call in the professionals. We would be happy to provide a free inspection to get to the source of the problem. We’ll find anything out of place and let you know what we can do to fix it.

We've Done It All!

From flat to pitched roofs and shingles to metal, the professional residential roofers at Xpress Roofing & Construction in Albuquerque have truly seen and done it all. With over a century’s worth of experience on our team, you can feel confident that the roof replacement or repair on your home will be completed correctly using the right materials for the job.

Along the way, you can count on Xpress Roofing & Construction to provide transparent consultation and communication, stellar customer service, and a workmanship guarantee on every roof we build.

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Our Residential Roofing Services

No matter what your needs look like, Xpress Roofing & Construction is the residential roofing company that has you covered. We offer a wide variety of services for Albuquerque homeowners including:


Hail Damage

Roof Repair & Maintenance

Emergency Roof Repair 

Storm Damage Repair 

Roof Replacement

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A Local Roofing Company Who Know What Works

As the preferred, local residential roofing team in Albuquerque, Xpress Roofing & Construction knows what materials and techniques work best for your roof. We typically face long, dry summers with temperatures that can push 100 degrees, but we also expect chilly winters that know how to surprise with a serious snowstorm from time to time. Having a roof that can handle it all, while helping you stay dry and control utility costs, is a must.

At Xpress Roofing & Construction, we are experts in every type of roofing and have earned GAF Master Elite Contractor status. However, we have found that there are four primary roof types that work well all year round and provide great satisfaction to our customers.

The Best Types of Roofs For Albuquerque Homes

Asphalt Shingles 

Shingles are an affordable option that provide local homeowners with good elemental resilience, great color choices, and are relatively easy maintenance.

Metal Roofing 

Metal roofing systems are incredibly durable and weigh less than most people think. Add a reflective coating and you have an energy-efficient roofing solution that will last for years to come.


Tile Roofing 

Both clay and concrete tiles provide excellent insulation against the summer warmth and a very long life span. Add in the Southwestern flavor they add to your home and you have a sure winner.


Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofing is a great choice for homeowners with flat roofs that get long stretches of direct sunlight throughout the year and it especially helps to control summer cooling costs.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to roofing. After all, each roof has a different size, pitch, and slope. They are made from different materials. Our team of contractors has the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate any roof, regardless of the material and slope. With more than a century in combined experience at our roofing company, you can rest easy knowing your roof is in good hands.

Why Choose Xpress Roofing & Construction?

We know that northern New Mexico has lots of different residential roofing companies to choose from. So, why choose to work with Xpress Roofing & Construction? We think the answer is simple.

We’re Local

Albuquerque sees its fair share of storm chasers and national franchises, but nothing compares to a local residential roofing company that you can rely on to do a great job. We live and work in this community and the people that we work for are our friends, neighbors, and fellow community members — it’s important to us that they are well taken care of by a company that cares.

You can count on Xpress Roofing & Construction to care about earning your business, to do the job well, and to be here for you in the case that something needs to be fixed, repaired, or adjusted in the future.

We’re Storm Insurance Specialists

Albuquerque is no stranger to wind, rain, hail, and snow. As a matter of fact, we can typically count on a couple of decent storms every year, regardless of the season they show up in. Furthermore, some of the biggest storms we’ve had in decades have hit us in the last few years.


All of this means that when it comes to hiring the right local roofing company, you need to be sure that your team understands what their products will have to stand up against. As Albuquerque locals, Xpress Roofing & Construction is fully aware of the weather challenges that roofing in northern New Mexico brings with it.


Beyond having the skills, materials, and know-how to ensure that your roof holds up to the elements, our team has become specialists in helping our fellow Albuequerqians navigate their insurance claims for storm damage to their residential roofing. We understand the stress, confusion, and time commitment that working with even the best insurance company can create for our customers, so we do everything to help along the way including providing guidance, advice, and working directly with your insurance company once your claim has been made.

We’re Certified

Like we’ve said before, when it comes to our clients, we’re not satisfied with offering them anything but the best — the best workmanship, the best customer service, and the best materials. That’s why we have worked so hard to achieve GAF Master Elite certification status — a rarified accolade in the residential roofing industry.

When you work with a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor like Xpress Roofing & Construction, you can be confident without a doubt that you are teamed up with one of the top roofing companies in the nation.

We Guarantee Our Work

After all, if you are committed to doing a great job for your customers, why wouldn’t you? Every single roof that we install comes with a five-year workmanship guarantee. If anything goes wrong with the way your roof was installed during that time, you can count on us to fix it right away.

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